The Baseball Game

Essentially a game of all luck and no skill. You will pick a MLB team and if they are the first team to end their games with scores ending with the numbers 0-12,  you win!

NEW - Share The Wealth Rule-  During this game the winner will get 80% of the pot and the person above and below the winner will win 10%.  The list will be in alphabetical order of the baseball teams.

Only one person can have each MLB team so when you submit your team leave a second choice just in case your first choice is taken.  Check the sheet often to see which teams are still available.

Start date - Soon

The cost to join is $10.00

If at the end of the season there hasn't been a winner, the person closest to finishing will be the winner.  If there are ties the pot will be divided evenly.



Please wait for the confirmation page after pressing Submit.  Make take up to 30 seconds.
If you do not receive a confirmation email, your picks might not have gone through.  Email me if you do not receive the confirmation email.